SEO – Website Promotion

Search engine optimization and website promotion

SEO (search engine optimization) - is an abbreviation that stands for the process of optimizing your site to get organic or shareware traffic from a SERP.
  • SEO optimization will make your website more attractive to the search engine.
  • The search engine will display your site as the best on the SERPs page;
  • By improving the quality of your site, you will noticeably increase your visibility in search engines. This will help you reach more potential customers.

What is SEO used for?

This is the most effective way to stay in search results for a long time and thus constantly increase the number of visitors.
Much more traffic
As you become more visible in search results, you will notice an increase in the number of visitors to your site.
More leads
You will be able to target an audience that will be interested in your products and services.
More income
Increasing targeted leads makes it easier to convert site visits into money.
More brand awareness
Your brand can take your customers' awareness to the next level. All this contributes to new growth opportunities for your business.

Basic SEO jobs?

Website promotion in search engines consists of such works
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website technical audit
  • Compilation of the semantic core
  • Filling pages with content
  • Internal website optimization
  • External website optimization
  • Promotion in social networks
  • Analytics


The most frequent questions from customers and answers to them
Does your company use white or black methods of website promotion?
We use only white promotion methods. We do not use black methods as a result of which your site can be banned by the search engine.
All the words promoted for my site are in the TOP, but there are no calls and orders
The website contains incorrect contacts. The prices on the site are much higher than the cost of absolutely similar products from competitors. The ugly and inconvenient site, competitors have a much better site ...
The site has been promoting for a month now, I do not see the growth of positions. Why?
It all depends on the competition in the niche you occupy. It may take from a month to a year to achieve the result, miracles do not happen. In the first month, there may not be any changes in the promoted words, this is a normal situation.
If you redesign the site, will it affect the ranking?
If everything is done correctly, then the position of the site will not fall. If you do not change the URL, title and content of the promoted pages, then the design change does not worsen the position in the search results.
PR dropped. Why?
We do not track the PR of the sites being promoted, due to the fact that they do not directly affect the search results. These indicators are needed for webmasters who sell links from the pages of their sites.
Is it possible to add text to the site for optimization purposes so that the user does not see it?
No, you can't do that. For hiding the text on the site, you risk getting penalties from the search engine to the extent that the site can be completely removed from the search engine.

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