Configuring web analytics systems

We will connect, configure and teach you how to work with Google Analytics

What is analytics for?

How has a YouTube launch affected online sales?

How does online advertising affect physical store sales?

How many pages does a user see on average per visit?

What proportion of purchases are made from two visits or more?

Analytics helps answer all these questions

Configuring web analytics systems

Web analytics tools are various services that collect, process, and store data about what a visitor is doing on your site.

In order for the data from the site to be transmitted to the web analytics system, a special tracking code must be installed on the pages of your site.

Web analytics systems have certain requirements for placing code on the site. It is very important to follow these rules, since the data transmitted by this code will later be used to make important decisions.

If you pay insufficient attention to setting up the correct data collection, this can lead to one of many possible errors – data duplication, complete / partial data loss, etc.

Setting up Google Analytics will help you understand

How many people visited the site and when
Set the date range of interest and get a detailed report on visits to your site. Determine the peak hours of visits - at what time of day the interest in your site was the highest.
Is advertising money used effectively
With Google Analytics, you can always analyze the effectiveness of your website's advertising.
Customer behavior on the site
Find out which pages of your site customers visit most often, and which ones, on the contrary, customers scroll through, or even leave the site. Learn more about the behavior of visitors on your site to make your business even more accessible to new customers
Analyze your client's portrait
Analyze who your client is - age, gender, interests, place of residence, and what devices clients use most often when leaving requests for your services. This will help you more accurately tailor advertising to your target audience and become closer to customers.
Control costs and revenues
Set up e-commerce on your website and you can always get a report on how much money was spent on each of your advertising campaigns and how much money each of them brought
What are the positions of your site in the search network
Find out for what queries and in what position your site is displayed in search engines - for example, in Google. This will help you expand new requests or strengthen existing ones.

We will help you to correctly collect the necessary and relevant data, optimize the flow of customers to your website and find opportunities for the growth of your company.

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